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Project Details
CLIENT   Water Works Engineers
DATES  Jan. – April 2013
TASKS  Well Installation and Testing

Matrix was sub-contracted by Water Works Engineers to oversee the drilling, installation, and testing of a new well for the Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort in Flagstaff, Arizona. The well was successfully drilled to approximately 1,200 feet and is used to supplement drinking water supplies to the resort.

The well was completed in the Coconino Sandstone of the C-Aquifer. Matrix personnel provided oversight of daily drilling activities, well construction, well development, and aquifer testing. Matrix personnel also provided oversight of the geophysical logging, and collected water quality samples from the well.

Data collected during the aquifer testing was used to estimate hydrologic characteristics of the aquifer including transmissivity. A final well installation report was prepared which included recommendations for the permanent pump setting depth, and long-term pumping rate.