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Project Details
CLIENT   Arizona Water Company
DATES  Oct. 2014 – Dec. 2014
TASKS  Hydrologic Study and Modification of PAD

Matrix was contracted by Arizona Water Company (AWC) to conduct a Hydrologic Study supporting the Modification of the Physical Availability Determination (PAD) application for the Superstition Water System (AWC-Superstition) located in the East Salt River Valley (ESRV) Sub-basin of the Phoenix Active Management Area (AMA). The long-term 100-year impact on the aquifer due to the projected groundwater pumping for AWC-Superstition was estimated using the numerical Regional Ground-water Flow Model of the Salt River Valley (SRV83-06v3) (ADWR, 2014).

For this study, Matrix refined and recalibrated the SRV Model in and around the AWC-Superstition Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) area. Conservatively assuming that AWC-Superstition’s entire water demand would be met by pumped groundwater, simulated depths to groundwater beneath AWC-Superstition after 100 years of pumping current, committed, and approved demands were less than the 1,000 ft bls depth to groundwater limit established for water providers inside the Phoenix AMA by ADWR Rule R12-15-716. Based on this impact analysis, Matrix demonstrated that sufficient groundwater is available in the underlying regional aquifer to meet the water demands of AWC-Superstition for 100 years.