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Project Details
CLIENT   City of Eloy
DATES  Feb. 2012 – Apr. 2013
TASKS  Well Siting Study

Matrix conducted a well siting investigation for the City of Eloy in the vicinity of the existing water production and distribution system north of I-10 between La Palma Road and Sunland-Gin Road. The siting criteria were:

Hydrogeologic Conditions (productivity and quality)
Environmental Hazards (earth fissures, leaking underground storage sites,
  and capped or abandoned wells)
Infrastructure and City Owned Properties (distance of City land of adequate size to
  existing infrastructure)
Well Spacing (ADWR well spacing rules)

The above criteria were used to identify portions of the Study Area suitable for a municipal water supply well. The initial screening criteria (Hydrogeologic Conditions and Environmental Hazards) were used to identify potential sites. Those areas were further refined based on City owned properties meeting minimal size requirements as well as being a reasonable distance to existing infrastructure. Once parcels were identified that met the hydrogeologic, environmental, infrastructure, and City ownership requirements, ADWR Well Spacing rules were applied to those sites in order to estimate yield.

Subsequent investigations were conducted to further evaluate the most promising wells. The goal of the evaluation process was to identify which well or wells were in the best physical condition, produced the best water quality, and pumped at a rate that would be useful to the City.