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Project Details
CLIENT   City of Chandler
DATES  Mar. 2013 – Oct. 2013
TASKS  ASR well testing and performance

The City of Chandler uses ASR wells to help manage reclaimed water and support their overall water portfolio. The City retained Matrix to develop an ASR Well Testing Program to evaluate recharge well performance at the Tumbleweed and Ocotillo Recharge Facilities. Matrix initially reviewed operational data from 14 ASR wells over a 36 month period. Variations in individual well performance were observed. Subsequent testing was undertaken to 1) Evaluate potential causes for the differences in well performance, and 2) Estimate the maximum recharge capacity of each ASR well.

In order to accomplish these goals, the following tasks were performed at each ASR well:
Step-rate injection testing,
Constant-rate injection testing at the maximum sustainable rate,
Evaluation of source water quality and development of clogs, and
Pump testing and evaluation of discharge water quality to optimize the routine
  purging program and maintain well performance.

Results of the ASR Well Testing Program included the following recommendations:
Maximum sustainable injection rate for each well,
Optimized duration of the purge period,
Procedure to allow operators to identify potential clogging conditions,
Procedure for operators to clear potential clogs,
Maximum sustainable recharge capacity of each ASR facility.