Projects Southwest

AAWS – IOTA Rodeo Road

Project Details
CLIENT   Iota Rodeo Road, LLC
DATES  Oct. – Nov. 2014
TASKS  Hydrogeologic Report using the new ADWR Pinal Model (Yunker, 2014)
      and two AAWS applications

Matrix was contracted by Iota Violet, LLC to complete a Hydrogeologic Report and two Analyses of Assured Water Supply (AAWS) for two properties (the Projects) consisting of 352-acre and 71-acre properties located in the Maricopa-Stanfield Sub-basin of the Pinal Active Management Area (AMA). The long-term 100-year impact on the aquifer due to projected groundwater pumping for the Projects was estimated using the numerical Regional Groundwater Flow Model of the Pinal AMA (Pinal Model) (Liu, 2014).

ADWR recently released the Pinal AMA Groundwater Model Projections out to 2115 (Yunker, 2014), which was built upon the Pinal Model. Thirteen scenarios were run to test and improve the model. Model scenario #13 was provided by ADWR to serve as the base 100-year predictive model scenario for new Assured Water Supply applicants. Matrix recently updated this Model scenario #13 in support of Assured Water Supply approvals in the Pinal AMA.