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Project Details
CLIENT   EnviroIntegration Services, LLC
DATES  Sept. 2011 – June 2012
TASKS  EnviroIntegration Services, LLC

As a subcontractor to EnviroIntegration Services, Matrix performed hydrogeologic characterization and analysis in support of an Aquifer Protection Permit (APP) application for the Oracle Ridge Mine which is located in the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, Arizona. Matrix prepared the APP application, which addressed the five basic demonstrations:

1. Technical capability,
2. Financial capability,
3. Zoning,
4. Demonstration of compliance with aquifer water quality standards at proposed
   points of compliance, and
5. Best Available Demonstrated Control Technology (BADCT).

An in-depth hydrologic demonstration was performed. This included installation of new monitoring wells, development of hydrographs, contour maps, and cross-sections, water quality sampling and aquifer testing. Matrix personnel conducted hydrologic testing of facility wells, reviewed, tabulated, and summarized the data. Groundwater characteristics at the facility were determined including the depth, flow rate, flow direction, quantity of flow and quality of groundwater.

Matrix developed a hydrogeologic conceptual model and a numerical flow and transport model to determine the Discharge Impact Area (DIA) for the tailings facility. The model was calibrated to historical conditions including past geochemical changes down-gradient of the existing tailings facility.