Projects Southwest


Project Details
CLIENT   Multiple land owners
DATES  June 2003 – June 2010
TASKS  AAWS applications for multiple owners

Matrix was retained by several land owners of master planned communities in the City of Buckeye to prepare hydrogeologic studies documenting available groundwater resources and to prepare Applications for Analyses of Assured Water Supply (AAWS). The communities included Cipriani, Douglas Ranch, Park Regional Center, Tartesso, and Trillium. Analytical aquifer impact models were used for successful approvals for several of the projects.

Matrix then represented land owners as stakeholders in the development of the Lower Hassayampa Groundwater Flow Model that was intended for use in support of future Assured Water Supply approvals and the management of the groundwater resources for the City of Buckeye. Following release of the Hassayampa Model, SGC updated it with demands associated with AWS approvals subsequent to the original model development, and used the updated version for successful approval of the AAWS for the Park Regional Center. Matrix also prepared multiple modeling scenarios with the updated model for potential use towards new AAWS applications.