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Project Details
CLIENT   Baseline Construction, Inc.
DATES  March – June 2013
TASKS  Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

Matrix was contracted by the developer for a national retailer to conduct a Phase I ESA on a multiple parcel site that was previously developed with an automobile dealership and motel. Through numerous additions and upgrades over the 50 year development history, a number of environmental issues had developed. Matrix identified seven recognized environmental conditions related to USTs, sumps, hydraulic lifts, hazardous waste storage areas and surface staining. Through a Phase II Environmental Assessment of the site, Matrix was able to resolve each of the recognized environmental conditions.

This work was conducted on an accelerated schedule to accommodate the rigorous deadlines associated with a commercial real estate transaction. The Phase II ESA required innovative drilling and sampling approaches to collect data within buildings. Analytical programs were optimized to assess target analytes consistent with the previous development and to reduce laboratory costs. Matrix utilized data from 17 borings and 31 samples in the Phase II ESA. Results of the Phase II ESA indicated that the features associated with the previous development would not require additional investigation or remediation.