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Project Details
CLIENT   Pinal Land Holdings/Farm Sources International
DATES  May 2013 – Apr. 2014
TASKS  Groundwater modeling, AAWS application

Matrix was contracted by Pinal Land Holdings to prepare an Application for Analysis of Assured Water Supply (AAWS) for review and approval by ADWR. The Mesa Farms property (the Project) is located in the Eloy Sub-basin of the Pinal Active Management Area (AMA). The application covered approximately 11,500 acres of historically farmed land and desert land, and required the development of a detailed groundwater flow model to evaluate the impact of development and to project future 100-year water levels to meet ADWR standards.

The base model for this analysis was a calibrated regional model (Florence Model) developed by Matrix. The model was recalibrated to local groundwater levels to provide a more precise simulation of groundwater levels. This modeling effort required extensive hydrogeologic evaluation and close interaction with ADWR staff. The application was reviewed and approved by ADWR.