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Project Details
CLIENT   City of Prescott
DATES  2005
TASKS  Water supply study, Groundwater flow modeling

Hydrogeologic studies and groundwater numerical modeling were conducted in support of the City of Prescott’s acquisition of the Big Chino Water Ranch and the withdrawal of groundwater under A.R.S. 45-555. Study focused on the hydrogeology of the Big Chino Ranch and Upper Big Chino sub-basin and the movement of groundwater into, through, and out of this area. The study included the following major tasks:

Compilation and review of previous studies & available hydrogeologic data
Aquifer characterization, including the drilling and logging of three deep exploration
  boreholes, sampling of three Big Chino Ranch wells and development of a
  hydrogeologic conceptual model
Development of a 3-dimensional, 7-layer groundwater flow model of the Upper
  Big Chino sub-basin,
Presentation of results to numerous stakeholders and public agencies, and
Preparation of report

Due to the controversial nature of the planned groundwater withdrawals, the study and groundwater model were subjected to extensive review by ADWR. Following this review the analysis and model were approved by ADWR. On appeal, the model and analysis were upheld.