Matrix Engineers Progress
We perform important, often necessary, engineering work in the natural world and in man-made environments. We address some of the most critical and relevant issues of the day. We assist our partners in streamlining their processes, improving results, lowering costs, and together, moving civilization forward.

27 Years of Leadership
Over the last 27 years, Matrix New World Engineering, Land Surveying and Landscape Architecture, P.C. has offered the private and public sectors engineering, surveying and environmental services. In that time, we have taken the lead in programs including construction management, geotechnical and civil engineering design, environmental assessments, investigations and remediation.

Mission Critical
From our first engagement, we understood we were involved not simply in important work, but critical work. Toward that end, we built and now continue to redefine a firm that combines the experience and expertise of professionals from a range of specializations as varied as ecological restoration and infrastructure management services, to land surveyors and wetland scientists.

Innovation & Creativity Gets Results
Our belief in the importance of this work has led us to embrace innovation, encourage creative solutions and push best practices. The result: in the last two decades we have opened 7 offices across the country to support our engineers and teams participating in some of the country’s most urgent work:
 BP Spill Response (Gulf)
 Crane Co., Phoenix Arizona Superfund Site
 Superstorm Sandy Response and NJ Waterways Contract
 Post Hurricane Infrastructure Hardening and Resiliency Studies for
    Public Agencies and the Private Sector
Critical NYC Infrastructure Improvement Projects –
    Second Avenue Subway, East Side Access Project

Mitigate, Prevent & Improve
Whether engaged in correcting man-made catastrophes, such as the damage caused by the Gulf spill, or managing the aftermath of natural disasters, such as Superstorm Sandy, Matrix is very much aware that our clients have charged us to mitigate damage, prevent further harm, and help improve the human condition.

A Company of Engineers & Scientists
As such, Matrix has always understood our obligations to our clients and their communities. We see our work not simply in terms of problem and solution, but rather as a moral imperative, which demands excellence in every task we perform, from regular maintenance to addressing the most complicated and significant engineering issues.

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Jayne Warne, PE


Dennis Petrocelli, PG
Senior Vice President